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At C2 Charity & Non Profit Recruitment, we take pride in our dedicated focus on various specialist areas, allowing us to provide tailored and expert support to not-for-profit and charity organisations. We're committed to helping you find the right professionals who are as passionate about your mission as you are. We operate a 'service led' fee structure rather than a traditional agency 'contingency' based model - these typically reduces your spend by 60%. Explore our diverse specialisms and see how we can make a positive difference in your organisation's journey.
  • Head Office

    A charity’s head office is the nerve center of its operations. At C2 Charity Recruitment, we’re experienced in finding the right administrative, support, and management professionals – we’re here to help you build a strong foundation for your charity’s mission.

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    Our expertise in the Head Office specialism covers a broad spectrum of administrative and management roles, ensuring the smooth operation of your charity's core functions.

      HR & Training


      Supply Chain

      Technical & IT

      Sales & Marketing

      Customer Services

    • Human Resources

      HR plays a vital role in shaping the culture and effectiveness of charity organizations. C2 Charity Recruitment is dedicated to finding HR specialists who not only possess the necessary skills but also the passion for the charitable sector that drives your mission.

      In Human Resources, we offer recruitment services across the HR spectrum, ensuring you have the right team to attract, develop, and retain talent.

        HR Director

        HR Manager

        HR Advisor

        HR Administrator

        HR Business Partner

        Talent Acquisition Specialist

        Talent Acquisition Business Partner

      • Retail Operations

        Our team’s expertise in Retail Operations recruitment is second to none. We understand the unique challenges and demands of this sector and can help you find dedicated professionals who are passionate about making a difference.

        Within Retail Operations, we recruit across a full spectrum of roles, ensuring your charity has the right expertise for success.

          Directors of Retail

          Operations Managers

          District Managers

          Area Managers

          Store Managers

          Assistant Managers


        • Marketing, PR & Digital

          Successful charity campaigns rely on effective marketing, public relations, and digital strategies. At C2 Charity Recruitment our deep understanding of the charity landscape allows us to connect you with professionals who can craft compelling narratives and engage audiences through various channels.

          In Marketing, PR & Digital, we provide recruitment services across a wide array of positions to enhance your charity's outreach.

            E-Commerce Managers

            Marketing Managers

            Marketing Executives

            PR Assistants

            Communications Manager

            Marketing Director


          • Warehouse & Logistics

            Efficient logistics and warehouse management are crucial for charities delivering essential services and aid. C2 Charity Recruitment understands the importance of this role and can help you find professionals who excel in supply chain management, inventory control, and distribution. We’re committed to ensuring that your charity’s operations flow seamlessly to serve those in need.

            Within Warehouse & Logistics, we provide recruitment services for various roles, including supply chain management, inventory control, and distribution, keeping your charity's operations efficient.

              Warehouse Management



              Warehouse Teams

            • Fundraising

              Effective fundraising is the lifeblood of charities but we understand that fundraising is more than just securing donations; it’s about building relationships and inspiring support. C2 Charity Recruitment excels in identifying fundraising professionals who have a proven track record of success.

              For Fundraising, we recruit professionals dedicated to securing donations and building lasting relationships to support your mission.

                Directors of Fundraising

                Head of Engagement

                Fundraising Managers

                Events Managers

                Community Fundraising

                Administration Assistants

              • Finance

                Financial stewardship is essential for every charity’s sustainability. C2 Charity Recruitment specializes in sourcing financial professionals who not only understand the unique financial challenges faced by nonprofit organizations but are also deeply committed to making a difference.

                Within Finance, our recruitment services span various roles, ensuring sound financial management for your charitable organisation.

                  Finance Directors



                  Finance Managers

                  Financial Controllers

                  Procurement & Purchasing Officers

                  Finance Administrators

                • Chief Executives & Directors

                  In the world of charity, strong leadership is paramount. C2 Charity Recruitment has a proven track record of placing exceptional Chief Executives and Directors who drive positive change. Let us help you find the visionary professionals who will guide your organization to new heights.

                  In the Chief Executives & Directors specialism, we cover a comprehensive range of positions, connecting you with visionary leaders.


                    Senior Directors

                    Heads of Retail

                    Operations Managers

                    Non Executive Directors

                    Finance Managers


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