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Our exceptional packages offer a wide range of options and are are dedicated to people, talent management, and process improvement to ensure your business thrives. After all, talent management and recruitment are the cornerstones of all commercial success.

  • Our 'results-only' service that outshines the competition.

    No Risk. No Commitment. No cost unless we deliver.The foundation of a true partnership.Our starter product lets you test our skills without any risk or upfront fees.We promise to eliminate all your recruitment worries. This product is an excellent way to experience our approach, build trust, and develop a true partnership.We guarantee this product will outperform the competition. We are confident that our team will work harder, faster, and with more passion than anyone else.

    Our 'contingency' service includes:

    • Structured Interviews

      Structured interview processes, ensuring consistency throughout the assignment.

    • Dedicated Client Managers

      TWO points of contact! So there is always someone in our business that is available to you.

    • Higher Quality Candidates

      Our vast talent pools gained through years of industry experience allow us access to high quality candidates including the 'passive' market.

    • Brand Advertising

      Brand Advertising exposure across our social media and entire job networks.

    • Competitive Fees

      Our hiring fees typically fall between 20%-25% of the first years salary offered to the successful candidate.

    • Onboarding Support

      Our relationship doesn’t end with the hire. We assist with the onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition and successful integration into your organisation.

    • No Upfront Cost

      Only pay after successfully finding a candidate that accepts a job offer.

    • Trusted Solution

      We have 96% candidate acceptance rate

    • Fast Results

      Our contingency recruitment services prioritise prompt results to minimise disruption in your business.

    • Brand Exposure

      Adverts will be posted across all our hiring and social channels to ensure we maximise candidate reach

  • Want a dedicated service at reduced rates? Our Exclusive package is for you.

    With our Exclusive package, we focus solely on your vacancy in return for a reduced rate. This ensures dedicated service and prioritised efforts to fill your role efficiently and effectively.

    Benefits of our 'Exclusive' Package include:

    • Priority Service

      Exclusive partnership ensures you receive top-tier service, as both parties commit wholeheartedly to the collaboration.

    • Higher Calibre Candidates

      Our exclusive partnership enables our consultants to dedicate more time and resources to finding your perfect candidates.

    • Enhanced Candidate Experience

      Exclusive partnership minimises candidate disruption from repeated outreach by multiple agencies, bolstering your company's reputation.

    • Reduced Time To Hire

      On average our 'Exclusive' agreements reduce the time to hire process by 14 days.

    • Cost Savings

      Contrary to popular belief, committing to us exclusively leads to reduced fees, reflecting appreciation for your loyalty.

    • Long-Term Relationship

      Exclusive partnerships pave the way for better business relationships, streamlining future hiring processes and enhancing staff retention.

    • Faster Turnaround

      With 'Exclusive' agreements we can dedicate more time and resource which results in faster hiring times.

    • Brand Exposure

      Our 'Exclusive' clients benefit from further brand exposure including dual brand marketing.

    • Trusted Solution

      We have 98% candidate acceptance rate with our Exclusive Partnerships.

    • Cheaper Hiring Costs

      Reduced recruitment spend vs standard contingency models.

  • Looking for Flexible Hiring Support?

    Our 'ad-hoc' Talent packages are perfect for your In-House recruitment teams. These packages are designed for internal recruiters that are looking for a low cost, highly effective solution where they don't pay per candidate - they pay per vacancy meaning clients are able to interview and hire multiple candidates for one fixed fee.

    C2 Recruitment Support - Charity Shops

    Our 'Talent' Solution Features:

    Our most popular package! This is the perfection solution if you are on a budget and already have an in-house team. It includes our Headhunting service and is a 'one fixed fee' option where you can hire multiple candidates. This solution can even be used as part of our 'Retained' solution offering even more savings and benefits!

    • Reduces Hiring Spend

      Our clients typical save 60% on the annual recruitment spend by using our 'Talent' solution.

    • Hire Unlimited Candidates

      All CV's are sent direct to the 'inbox' of your choice. Or why not enquire about our Applicant Tracking Systems.

    • Latest Technology

      C2 use the latest AI and automated technology - so you don't have to. Say goodbye to expensive job advertising and long term contracts.

    • Fixed Fee

      Choose either fixed fee or fixed day rate and plan your hiring spend in advance with our tailor made solutions that are tried and tested.

    • Dedicated Account Manager

      Upon you joining us we will introduce you to you Account Manager who will work with you to improve your in-house hiring processes.

    • Monthly Discount

      We offer an additional discount on all 'monthly' agreements meaning even more savings for your hiring teams.

    • Tailor-Made Solutions

      'Cherry Pick' the services you need to make your ideal hires.

    • Perfect for HR & In-House Hiring Teams

      Ad-hoc solution that you can use anytime when you need a little support.

    • 100% Success Rate

      100% success rate to date - we will even report the process for FREE if you don't fill your vacancy.

    • Interview & Hire Multiple Candidates

      Interview and hire as many candidates as you like - all for one fixed fee.

  • Opening a new location or store? Our Project package supports larger recruitment campaigns.

    The Project package is tailored for larger-scale recruitment needs, such as opening new locations. We manage the entire recruitment campaign, ensuring a seamless and efficient hiring process.

    C2 Charity Recruitment Services - Teamwork

    Our 'Project' Recruitment Includes:

    Our Project Recruitment process quickly provides companies with the right people so that you don’t lose momentum when it matters most.
    We know that when business challenges arise, speedy solutions are essential. Our fast response time and agile project recruitment process mean that we can support your large scale recruitment challenges without you getting bogged down.

    • Stakeholder Meeting

      Face to face stakeholder meeting to agree full strategy, process and timeframes.

    • Flexible Solution

      A unique industry leading resourcing model that works as an outsource or alongside an in-house team.

    • Volume Hires

      Perfect for volume hires for new store openings, Head Office relocation, call centres or Distribution/Logistics organisations.

    • Flexible fee arrangement

      Agreed project fee based on your exact requirements with tiered payment intervals.

    • Lower Costs

      A very efficient model with lower costs which doesn't compromise on process or quality.

    • Interview Management

      Can include design, facilitation and management of assessment centres across the UK.

    • Campaign Management

      We'll take away the burden by managing the full recruitment campaign.

    • Timely Delivery

      You dictate the pace and we'll scale support to meet the needs.

    • Hire At All Levels

      From entry level roles through to senior managers and directors.

    • Extensive Resources

      We'll put all of our resources and technology at your disposal.

  • Looking for an ongoing recruitment partner? Our Retained package is perfect for ongoing support.

    Our Retained Executive Search partnership offers an unparalleled level of service, establishing a trusted relationship unlike any you’ve experienced before. We excel in sourcing and researching candidates for confidential, senior, and niche positions, often providing advice on recruitment strategies as well.

    C2 Charity recruitment Specialists - Passion

    Our 'Retained' Service includes:

    Pay a fixed amount and add your own recruitment department to your organisation, removing unnecessary hiring fees and adding recruitment expertise to bring the best people into your company. Help and expertise throughout the recruitment process.

    • Cost-effective recruitment strategy

      Our modern approach shifts the focus from one-time placement fees to a fixed fee monthly structure, offering significant cost savings. This model allows clients to manage recruitment expenses better, as they can access a range of services at a fixed price. Organisations can optimise their budgets by spreading recruitment costs over time while still attracting high-quality candidates.

    • Access to expertise and resources

      This service gives VIP access to our dedicated team of professionals with specialised skills and expertise in talent acquisition. This team will work closely with your organisation, providing valuable insights and resources to enhance its hiring process. As a result, companies can benefit from industry best practices, innovative strategies, and cutting-edge tools to identify and attract top candidates.

    • Improved employer branding

      A strong employer brand is crucial in attracting and retaining top talent. This model supports employer branding initiatives, helping organisations communicate their values, culture, and employee experience. By leveraging the expertise of our recruitment professionals, companies can develop and maintain a compelling employer brand that resonates with their target audience.

    • Flexibility and adaptability

      Our unique model provides greater flexibility to organisations, as they can scale their recruitment efforts up or down as needed. This means they can quickly respond to changing business requirements, whether ramping up hiring during periods of growth or slowing down during leaner times. This adaptability ensures that companies always have the right amount of recruitment support when they need it.

    • Continuous talent pipeline

      Maintaining a steady pipeline of qualified candidates is essential for long-term success. Our model enables us to continually source and engage with potential candidates, ensuring you always have access to top talent. This ongoing relationship-building effort means that when new vacancies arise, you are well-positioned to fill those roles with the best candidates quickly.

    • Training & Development

      We excel not only in hiring but also in crafting resourcing strategies and aligning recruitment objectives with your needs. Our dynamic and innovative talent consultancy offers a wide array of services, including employer branding, training, recruitment marketing, diversity and inclusion initiatives, Recruitment health checks, workforce planning and talent acquisition strategies.

    • Continuous Support

      Just like part of your team, we're there every time you need us.

    • 99% Success Rate

      Vacancies are given the highest priority in our business

    • Reduced Costs

      Save up to 40% vs our Contingency or Exclusive Packages

    • HR Support

      HR and Onboarding support included

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We pride ourselves on offering solutions that are optimised for your business:

  • Tailored for you

  • Unbeatable value

  • Expert support

  • Guaranteed results

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