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Case Study: Charity and Non-Profit

  • Sector Overview: Charity and Non-Profit

  • Our Client

    This case study outlines the successful partnership between C2 Charity Recruitment and the hospice charity, detailing the recruitment process and the utilisation of an extensive network to secure the perfect fit candidates.

    Their requirement

    Tasked with supporting a local hospice charity in recruiting two newly created Retail Area Managers. These positions were vital in supporting the growth of the retail area of the charity and also driving income streams to support the amazing work of the hospice.

    Their Challenges

    The local hospice charity faced the critical need for Area Managers who could oversee and enhance the current shop locations and drive the income streams from these shops. The challenge was not only to find individuals with the requisite managerial skills but also those who were deeply committed to the hospice’s mission and values.

    What We Did

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    The Outcomes

    The collaborative effort between C2 Charity Recruitment and the local hospice charity resulted in the successful recruitment of two highly qualified and mission-driven Area Managers. These individuals brought not only the necessary skills for effective leadership but also a genuine commitment to the hospice’s compassionate care model. The strategic recruitment process not only met but exceeded the expectations of the hospice, contributing to the organisation’s capacity to provide exceptional end-of-life services to the community.

    Results In Numbers

    C2 Charity Recruitment are friendly, knowledgeable and creative in their recruitment search approach and they really take the time to undertake a full needs analysis of what you are looking for. The results in filling really difficult to fill positions have been fantastic and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.

    Jo Higgins
    HR Business Partner
    Saint Francis Hospice


    This case study illustrates the positive outcomes that can be achieved through a collaborative and strategic approach to recruitment. By understanding the unique needs of the local hospice charity, leveraging professional networks, and fostering partnerships, C2 Charity Recruitment played a crucial role in enhancing the hospice’s capacity to deliver compassionate care. The successful recruitment of Area Managers stands as a testament to the power of purpose-driven collaboration in strengthening organisations committed to making a meaningful impact on their communities.

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