Case Study: Animal Charities

  • Sector Overview: Animal Charities

    Within the heartwarming realm of animal charities, where compassion meets the call for a better world, the sector thrives on the collective dedication to the welfare of our furry friends.

    With a surge in public awareness, the challenge lies in swiftly recruiting skilled caregivers who embody the spirit of animal welfare, ensuring each wagging tail finds its forever home.

    C2 Charity Recruitment - animal charities.
  • Our Client

    Woodgreen stands as a leading animal charity, offering a safe haven for our furry companions. With over 100 employees across multiple locations, Woodgreen has become a beacon for animal welfare, requiring agile and compassionate recruitment solutions to support their rapid growth.

    Their requirement

    In response to the urgent need for skilled caregivers in their rapid expansion, Paws Haven partnered with C2 for specialized recruitment support. The goal was to swiftly recruit individuals deeply connected to the cause of animal welfare in the animal charity sector.

    Their Challenges

    • Immediate need for skilled animal care professionals
    • Geographical challenges in recruiting for remote sanctuary locations
    • Limited know-how in niche talent acquisition for the animal charity sector

    What We Did

    C2's approach for Woodgreen combined empathy and efficiency, focusing on targeted recruitment strategies and remote talent engagement.
    Managed Advertising Campaigns
    In orchestrating a managed advertising campaign, C2 curated a strategic outreach across an extensive array of job boards and LinkedIn, diligently maximising candidate awareness of opportunities at Woodgreen. This tailored approach ensured that the compassionate mission of Woodgreen reached a broad audience, aligning potential candidates with the organization's unique values and fostering engagement within the targeted talent market.
    Database Searching
    Employing a proactive strategy, C2 executed a targeted initiative to identify and engage with passive candidates, conducting meticulous candidate database searches across various job boards and LinkedIn. This approach aimed to uncover individuals whose skills and values resonated with the mission of Woodgreen, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of potential talent and fostering meaningful connections with professionals who may not have been actively seeking opportunities but held the potential to contribute significantly to the organisation.
    Talent Pooling
    C2 implemented a strategic talent pooling approach, preserving the profiles of interested candidates for potential future opportunities. By systematically curating a pool of qualified individuals, C2 ensured that Woodgreen could tap into a pre-vetted network when new roles emerged, fostering a dynamic and responsive recruitment strategy that aligned with the organisation's evolving needs.

    The Outcomes

    Our tailored strategies not only addressed immediate challenges but also established a sustainable recruitment model for Paws Haven’s ongoing growth. Addressing Paws Haven’s urgent staffing needs, our approach exemplifies the efficacy of agile recruitment strategies.

    Success in remote recruitment further underscored the power of personalized engagement and targeted talent mapping in overcoming geographical barriers. Notably, the tailored approach resonates with individuals deeply committed to the cause, emphasizing that recruitment goes beyond filling positions to aligning with organizational values.

    Results In Numbers



    Time to hire slashed by 40%, ensuring rapid placement of skilled caregivers.



    Improved remote hiring success to 90% for a range of remote locations.


    More Engagement

    Better applicant quality with 70% higher engagement with animal care professionals.



    98% client satisfaction, reflects the success of a bespoke tailored approach.

    Woodgreen Charity Logo

    Working with C2 was a game-changer for our recruitment efforts at Woodgreen. Their meticulous approach not only filled our roles swiftly but also brought individuals deeply passionate about animal welfare into our fold. Highly recommended!

    Jane Doe
    Director of Operations


    In reflecting on the transformative journey with Woodgreen, the reduction of time-to-hire by 40% becomes more than a metric; it’s a testament to the need for agile recruitment strategies. The success in remote recruitment, achieving a 90% success rate, echoes the importance of overcoming geographical barriers through personalized engagement and targeted talent mapping.

    In the context of a 70% increase in engagement from passionate animal care professionals, the tailored approach not only filled positions but resonated with individuals sharing a deep commitment to the cause. The remarkable 98% client satisfaction rate speaks not only to the ability to meet expectations but underscores the dedication to crafting solutions aligned with the unique needs of organisations.


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